Corrosion of Fluid Connectors Systems

How next generation anti-corrosion plating achieves higher fluid power product performance

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Machinery used in mining and exploration is commonly subjected to the most unforgiving operating conditions. Fluctuating humidity, temperatures and salt levels – as well as harsh chemicals and media used in applications – can be ideal conduits for corrosion. Left unresolved, corrosion can cause poor appearance, force costly maintenance, and eventually lead to total equipment failure.

Authored by Parker Hannifin, a global authority in motion and control technologies, and made available by The Northern Miner, this white paper provides an in-depth understanding of how corrosion happens, what the expected and unexpected costs of corrosion are, and covers both traditional and forward-looking technologies developed to tackle corrosion.


Dr. Philipp Wagener

Metals Innovation Center Manager (Europe)
Parker Hannifin Corp.

Yindong Ge, Ph.D.

Metals Innovation Center Manager (USA)
Parker Hannifin Corp.

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