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In 2022, Canadian Mining Journal is celebrating our 140th Anniversary! CMJ was established in 1882 to serve a crucial role: sharing information to advance the industry. Over the span of three different centuries, we’ve remained a must-read for miners by reflecting the changing priorities of the industry within our pages. It is only fitting that we celebrate our
140th Anniversary in our May issue on Mining in the Digital Age, which represents the latest evolution of the industry. You can read all about our rich history in this special issue

With its AAM audited circulation, and multi-media delivery, Canadian Mining Journal guarantees advertisers exposure to the buying influences at the mine, mill and head office.

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2022 Content Calendar

CMJ will look at all aspects of water management from tailings ponds, conservation and coping with the scarcity of water in certain locations.

Featured Reports

Bonus Distribution

Advertising closes December 1 | Ad material due December 8

Our review of the state of mining in Ontario includes the Ontario Mining Association’s annual report.

Featured Reports

Bonus Distribution

Advertising closes February 8 | Ad material due February 15

Featured Report

Bonus Distribution

Advertising closes March 7 | Ad material due March 14

This issue will report on what is new in the world of analytics, robotics, autonomous mining, software and the IoT as the industry continues to digitize.

Featured Reports

Bonus Distribution

Advertising closes April 8 | Ad material due April 15

Having a competent closure plan in place before building the mine is a must for a license to operate. In this edition, we look at methods to improve the planning and final results of your mine closure.

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Advertising closes May 16 | Ad material due May 23

This is our best-read issue of the year where we rank the Top 40 mining companies in Canada by revenue. The issue also includes a review of the top development projects, the next “mines-to-be”.

Featured Reports

Advertising closes July 5 | Material due July 12

Our annual update on gold projects of merit across Canada. We will also look at new technology designed to help gold miners operate more efficiently and sustainably.

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Advertising closes August 8 | Material due August 15

Reimagine Mining Issue

This issue coincides with our live event, Reimagine Mining 2022. For sponsorship opportunities please check

Reimagine Mining 2022 runs October 12, 2022

In this issue we focus on innovations that will lower your carbon output and reduce your environmental footprint.

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Bonus Distribution

Advertising closes September 6 | Material due September 12

Everything you need to know about constructing an underground mine and the tunneling associated with it. We shine a light a on the safest and most efficient way to build underground.

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Bonus Distribution

Advertising closes October 3 | Material closes October 10

Canadians now operate twice as many mines outside of Canada as within. With this in mind, this issue will look at Canadian mining companies and suppliers operating around the world, especially USA and Mexico.

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Bonus Distribution

Advertising closes November 7 | Material due November 14

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